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The village of Killiecrankie sits on the River Garry at the Pass of Killiecrankie. It's no more than a 20-minute drive up the A9 from Tayview Lodges. The easiest place to park is at the visitor centre, where you can pay £3 to leave your car. While at the visitor centre you can learn all about the human and natural history of the area.

The Battlefield

Killiecrankie was the site of what is remembered as the goriest battle in Scottish history. It was the site of a clash between the Scottish Jacobites and the troops of William of Orange and his wife Mary II. The battle was one of many conflicts that mar the history between Scotland and England. It took the Jacobites less than 30 minutes to rout the government troops. Their retreat led to a story that is still told in the area today.

Soldier's Leap

As the government troops fled the battlefield, the story goes that one of the soldiers made a daring leap. He lept 18ft into the river to escape his pursuers and had the good fortune to survive. It's worth taking a walk along the route to the spot, as it is a beautiful place. If you're lucky, you may even see salmon leaping in the river instead of soldiers.


The surrounding area is truly beautiful, and there are many routes to follow that weave around the idyllic countryside. As you explore, you should keep your eyes open for the wildlife that calls the area home. You can see red squirrels, pine martins and nuthatches. In the spring, you can hear the woodpeckers drilling away at the tress.

The plant life in the woods is astounding. Every spring, the forest floor becomes carpeted with wild plants and flowers. There is also the most impressive array of fungi growing on the trees. Keep your eyes peeled for the purple mushrooms.

If you're looking to combine an invigorating walk with beautiful scenery and fascinating history, then Killiecrankie is the place to visit.

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