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House Of Bruar

If you are in the mood for a spot of luxury Scottish shopping, then you are in luck. If you head north out from Tayview Lodges, then a 25-minute drive up the A9 will deliver you to the door of the famous House of Bruar.

All About The House of Bruar

The House of Bruar gets its name from its stunning location. It sits near the gorgeous Falls of Bruar, which are also worth a visit if you have time. The spot where the store stands is truly picturesque. The beauty of the place is what inspired the design of the building you'll be visiting. There is a sizeable glass-sided staircase on the side of the building. Climbing the stairs gives you the best view of the surrounding area.

The House of Bruar aims to create a unique rural shopping experience. The focus is on making your experience as memorable as possible.

The Shops

There are a few speciality sections inside the main store. The most famous one is the luxury country clothing section. As you wade through the racks, you can appreciate the local tweeds and cashmere that the area produces. 

Other sections well worth exploring are the sporting, home, and kitchen sections. Even if there is nothing specific, you want to buy there are always items here to tempt and fascinate you.

You can't leave without a visit to the food hall. The House of Bruar specialises in traditional and local Scottish foods. You can find a delightful selection of smoked meats, sumptuous treats and specialist beverages.


There is a self-service restaurant in the Victorian style conservatory which is the perfect place to rest your feet after exploring all the goods on offer. The menu is extensive and includes many Scottish specialities like Haggis. Of course, you can always choose to indulge in the delectable cakes and biscuits they have on offer as well.

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